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Facing Difficulty in Searching OPAC?

Try Simple Search, Advanced Search

  • Type your search topic in the search box and click “Go”


  • You can filter the search by selecting the following categories.

Ex:- You can search only the specific authors books by selecting the author in the drop down list and typing the name.

(Type the Surname first, Initials) Ex:- Silva, P.B. 


  • You will receive a list of your results containing your search terms.


  • Click on the title and find more information.


  • Current Location is the place where the book is located.
  • It can be Main Library, Medical Library or Bio Library.

Identify the correct keywords for your search.

Ex:- If the Search topic is "Preserving Fruits and Vegetables" you can search by
1. Preserving Fruits and Vegetables,
2. Preserving Fruits,
3. Preserving Vegetables,
4. Food Preserving,
5. Preserving

Concern for the spellings.

Ex:- Color, Colour / සත්සතිය, සත්  සතිය

If the search term is sinhala, try both sinhala and sinhala transliteration.

Ex:- මඩොල් දූව, Madol Doowa

Advanced Search | Account Help | More Features 

Do you know?

Double your lending time for books at your home.

  • Log in to your account and click Renew.
  • It will forward your Due date for an extra lending period

Reserve books from your home.

  • Log in to your account, search the book and place hold.
  • It will reserve the material for you to check out for 3 days.

Have a book cart

  • Select the books by the check box and add to cart.
  • You can download or email them.
  • No need to note down everything.