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Now you can access the latest online facilities by Logging-in to your Library Account.

Using your Library Account you can Renew borrowed books, Reserve books, Check fines, Due items and account status, Your account history, Comments, Rating of books, Download book lists, Email details and many more.

Username of your Library Account

Undergraduate Students
Your Student Registration Number Ex:- AR75XXX, AS77XXX, ME7XXXX, MC7XXXX

Postgraduate Students
Your National Identity Card Number Ex:- 8535XXXXXV

University Staff Members (Academic/Non-Academic)
Your National Identity Card Number Ex:- 8535XXXXXV

Foreign Students
Your Passport Number Ex:- BX47XXXXXV

Username and Password for your Library Account will be sent by an email which you have provided with the application forms or you can get the details by contacting the library Staff. (0112-758518, 0112-758521, 0112-758523)

Once you are logged in, it will show you these tabs for your account details.



Your summary Your current circulation details.
Your fines Fines according to each library material
Your personal details Your Account details. You can make any changes and submit. Once revived it will appear in your account.
Your tags Your tagged books. (You can tag books so others can find them easily)
Change your password You can change your password to your own.
Your search history List of your search data.
Your reading history List of your circulation data.
Your purchase suggestions You can suggest any book to the librarian by adding a purchase suggestion.
Your messaging Your mail preferences.
Your lists You can create a list of books so it can be refereed later.