Welcome to the Library!.

Organization of the Collection

All items are properly accessioned and recorded in catalogs, for easy access.

Classification Scheme

Books are arranged on the shelves by subjects according to the International standard classification scheme called, “Dewey Decimal Classification“. Outline of Classification schedule is displayed in all major areas of the Library. The user can use any access point such as the Title, Names of Author/Authors, Compilers, Editors and subject classification number etc. to retrieve the items.

List of Dewey Decimal classes

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available to access all the items of the library. There are computers allocated to access the OPAC and they are placed in the Lobby area of the Library.


Newspaper Articles Index

An online Newspaper Articles Index is available for students to search the collection of the newspaper articles clipped over various disciplines which will be helpful in research activities. They are placed in the periodicals division and the online index could be accessed via the link: https://lib.sjp.ac.lk/periodical/.


All the library resources are arranged according to following collections.

  • Color Plates Collection
  • Depository Collection
  • Differently Abled Collection
  • English Learning Collection
  • Journal and Magazine Collection
  • Lending Collection
  • Multimedia Collection
  • Newspaper¬†Articles Collection
  • Palm Leaf Manuscript Collection
  • Pamphlets Collection
  • Permanent Reference Collection
  • Ready Reference Collection
  • Report Collection
  • Scheduled Reference Collection
  • Sri Lanka Collection
  • Theses Collection
  • Vidudaya Collection
  • WHO Collection
  • World Bank Report