Welcome to the Library!.

Pearson E-book Library

Now, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura has access to 574 e-books published by Pearson. This facility has been provided through AHEAD Project of Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce. These books can be accessed off-campus. Please follow the instructions given below for self-registration. Once you get the registration you can access books in your laptop or smart phone. Books can be read only on on-line if you are using a laptop. However, books can be read offline if the Pearson e-library app is used on your smart phone.

Get yourself registered as soon as possible and to use the books as much as possible. There is no limit  usage of books.


First you have to access the person library web site (e-library):- elibrary.in.pearson.com

Once you access the site do the following

  • CLICK ON:- Create an Account for self-registration.
  • Students and faculty members are requested to fill in the required details such as: – First name, Last name, email id, User name, Access code, CAPTCHA.
  • Once self- registration is successfully submitted user will be re- directed to home screen to enter user name and password to access Pearson e-library.
  • All users can also do self -registration through the mobile app “Pearson e-library “hosted on play store and iTunes for android and iOS users.

Please get the access code from the learning management system (LMS) of the relevant faculty

Check the attached video for mobile phone access.