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“Vinivida” Audio Book Launch

With the donation of the audio equipment and the monetary facilities by Ven. Prof. Madagoda Abhayathissa, thirty three (33) written books had been converted into audio books with the help of the undergraduates of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. These 33 audio books were included varieties of subjects such as Sociology, Psychology, Sinhala, Buddhist Civilization and many areas of subjects written focusing the government competitive examinations.

This Audio book series will immensely help differently abled students of the university in reading written books which also have not yet translated in to braille methods adequately.

“Vinivida” launching ceremony was taken place at the FHSS board room with the participation of Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean Faculty of Applied Sciences, Prof. Sudantha Liyanage, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, Dr. U. Anura Kumara. As well as Ven. Prof. Madagoa Abhayathissa, Ven. Prof. Magammana Paññananda, Head of the Department of Economics; Mr. Gamini Weerasinghe, Prof. Samanchandra Ranasinghe, Dr. A. M. Nimal Wasantha Mendis, Mrs. Anura Konpola-Senior Assistant Librarian and undergraduates of the FHSS participated the launching ceremony which was taken place on 29th June 2017.